The Benefits of Studying in Ukraine:

Ukrainian education is deservedly considered one of the best in terms of quality in the world. Statisticians argue that Ukraine ranks 4th in Europe by the number of citizens with higher education, and this is indeed so. Recently, we have joined the Bologna process and now education at our higher educational institutions not only meets European standards, but also largely surpasses them. Diplomas received by students of Ukrainian universities are recognized in Europe and far beyond its borders. For several decades now, Ukraine has opened the doors to its universities for foreign students. What makes Ukrainian education so special?

1. Versatility. Education in Ukraine is standardized in accordance with European requirements, so students can transfer to any university in Europe and continue studying there.

2. Innovation. Ukrainian teachers use advanced teaching technologies, the best equipment and the experience of foreign colleagues.

3. Practicality. Our professors prefer an open dialogue with students, they take into account their interests and reinforce any theory with practical examples.

4. Affordability. Tuition fees for international students are the lowest in Europe.

5. Employment prospects after graduation. Due to the fact that diplomas of Ukrainian universities are appreciated at the labor market, each graduate is guaranteed to find work both in Ukraine and abroad.

Medical Education in Ukraine:

The profession of a doctor is one of the most difficult, but at the same time revered in the world. Not everyone decides to take responsibility for someone else's life, but if you have already taken this difficult path, then it is worth considering the advantages of medical education.

1. The prospect of employment

The medical profession is in great demand both in Ukraine and around the world. Having a medical education, you are guaranteed to find work within 6 months after graduation. Moreover, it very often happens that our students, having proven themselves well during an internship in a hospital, get a job there. If your ambitions go beyond the city hospital, you can safely try your hand in Europe, the Middle East or in any other countries, as our diplomas are accredited by WHO, IMED, MCI, PMDC, ECM and many other international medical organizations of the highest level.

2. High salary

A qualified doctor is worth his weight in gold. Professionals earn a good reputation and have no end of grateful patients. In Ukraine, for example, a good specialist receives from 20 000 UAH per month, that is, 5 times more than a citizen with a minimum salary. In Europe, our graduate’s earnings are naturally higher.

3. Theory combined with practice

Unlike other areas of knowledge, medicine is characterized by universality. The theory here is impossible without practice, just as starting treatment for a patient is impossible without preliminary theoretical preparation. Therefore, if you are a person of action, you will like fascinating medical practices, innovative technologies and activities directly in the hospital.

4. Impact

The doctor is really a very influential person who enjoys authority and respect in society. In his hands is responsibility for human lives, so the opinion of a doctor is always held in high esteem, he is listened to and accepted everywhere.

International Students in Ukraine:

Thousands of foreign students come to Ukraine annually and about half of them (47%) choose medical specialties. According to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, as of September 1, 2019, about 70,000 thousand foreigners studied at Ukrainian universities. What is the reason for such an influx of young people from abroad?

In addition to educational goals, many foreign students travel to Ukraine for exciting adventures, travels and invaluable experience in familiarizing themselves with local traditions.

The main part of the population of Ukraine is made up of young people aged 18 to 35 years who are very friendly to representatives of other nationalities. Arriving at our place, a foreign student is guaranteed to find a friend, two or a whole company who consider it their duty to arrange an entertaining tour of the city for a foreign friend. However, you should not think that you will be shown monuments and taken to art museums (which is not excluded, however). A true Ukrainian will first of all offer you to try the traditional delicacies of our cuisine, namely: borsch, dumplings and, if this does not contradict your religion.

In addition to the restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine, there are entire network of cafes that specialize in national cuisines of the world. Fast food establishments are also very common in Ukraine, where young people enjoy burgers, nuggets and french fries.

An unforgettable experience for a foreign student is getting acquainted with the ancient rituals that are still present in the life of the indigenous people. Kupala night, caroling, maslenitsa and other festivities, accompanied by dressing in colorful national costumes, folk songs and dances will give him indescribable emotions.

For those who prefer to be actively involved in public life, there are university events; exhibitions of cultures of the world, where each student has the opportunity to tell, show, dance or sing about their homeland; sports competitions in football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, athletics, etc.

The student ticket also entitles you to free registration in the city library, where, in addition to access to books, you also get the opportunity to attend various clubs of interest, master classes, lessons of piano and string instruments play.

For the admirers of nightlife, there are plenty of nightclubs with delicious cocktails, fiery music and an energetic atmosphere. In addition, every month cinemas organize a so-called “Cinema Night”, that is, they offer a discount for several films in a row at night (popcorn and cola are a free bonus). Although if you really want a truly cultural holiday, you can always visit the theater, opera or ballet.

It should be noted that student years are the best time to travel. And in Ukraine there are all conditions for this: developed ski and sea resorts gladly welcome tourists at any time of the year. In addition, all students receive discounts on travel and hotel accommodation.

In conclusion, it is worthy of admitting that, having decided to get an education in Ukraine, a foreign student will never regret his choice.

The Preparatory Faculty (Department):

The main aim of the Preparatory Department is to improve student's knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary for successful studying at the Ukrainian universities, and helping them in their adaptation to the new social and cultural life.

At the Preparatory School international students can study following courses:

- engineering and technical courses

- economics

- medical and biological courses

- humanity

Students will study the following subjects: Russian, Ukrainian, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics, Drawing, The Basics of Economy, Biology, Economical and Social Geography.

The academic year at the Preparatory School is divided in two terms:

- the first term lasts from September till January and is followed by exams;

- the second term lasts from February till June and is followed by 2 weeks of tests and exams.

After successful completing of the Preparatory School study the students will get the State Certificate that allows to enter any university in Ukraine according to the chosen specialty.

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