Master Of Business Administration (MBA)

The Master Program "Global Business Management" is instructed in offline format and could be delivered in blended format. This means that a part of courses you can take with scope of Master of Global Business Management (MGBM) in auditorium and other part of courses in online format with scope of Global MBA Program, delivered in partnership with Swiss School of Business and Management. These two programs are provided in an integrated manner (as a package).


Upon completion of MBM Program graduates will be able to utilize the broad theoretical knowledge, skills and practical experience gained during their studies to:

* Think critically and formulate reasoned opinions based on complex information;

* Integrate functional knowledge and apply strategic management skills at a junior level in changing business environments;

* Understand organizations and their stakeholders;

* Operate effectively in cross-cultural settings, understanding the nature of globalization;

* Understand the importance of business ethics in a global environment and act with integrity;

* Analyze complex data, understanding the financial implications of managerial decision-making;

* Work effectively within a diverse team environment; and develop a management career and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Start of the study : November 2020

Type: Full Time.

Candidates: Graduates from any discipline.

Duration: 14 months, 3 semesters.

Language of Instruction: English.

Tuition Fees : 1,950 USD per semester.

Ukrainian-Educational Agency Services:

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Original Invitation Letter, embassy visa support letter and courier charges- $400

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Airport meet and greet and comfort car transfer to the place of study - $200

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Admission, Medical Checkup, Insurance, Bank account opening, Address Registration, visa extension $350

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