Life in Ukraine

Study in Ukraine. This is a place where studying goes beyond classrooms. Enjoy your multicultural life and get new experience every day! Learn from the best specialists and prosper as a globally demanded professional. Ukraine gives you this chance.

Student life in Ukraine does not differ a lot from that in other European countries. Students study, meet new people, hang out, learn new things, travel around Europe etc. Most students live on campus (some rent apartments). Hostel fee usually doesn`t go higher than USD 50 – 70 per month. Campuses have all the facilities for safe and comfort stay: libraries, hospitals, gyms, conference and concert halls, laboratories and other training facilities, security, etc.

Universities provide students with books and relevant studying materials. Libraries with computer rooms are also available. Almost every university has sports teams, which compete in various disciplines with their peers from other institutions. The most popular sport is no doubt football. Many students are also involved in KVN games (a humorous contest between faculties, universities).

Student life in Ukraine is noticeably cheaper than life in other European countries.

Exchange rate:

Depending on a city and lifestyle, average monthly budget may vary from $200 -400. To get an idea of the costs for various things, here are some examples. Well Furnished 1bedroom apartment rent in city center (Kropivnitsky) $ 150-200, entrance to the night club $ 2-4, 1 Min of prepaid mobile tariff local $0.03, delicious meal at a good restaurant $ 4–7, vegetables and fruits $1- 3 per kilo, taxi start fee (first 2 km) $1.30. Right after admission to the university, the student is issued an international student card, which gives a discount of up to 30% for airfare and train tickets. Scholarships are not available for foreign students in Ukraine. Foreign students can work in Ukraine only if they have work permit.

Studies usually take 80% - 85% of the students’ time. The rest is spent on fun activities and socializing. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It is a center of economical, political and cultural development. But it is the most expensive and congested city. Kropivnitsky is the central “Small Paris” of Ukraine, influenced by both Western and Eastern European culture and lifestyle, relatively cheap cost of living, fresh air, peaceful and friendly to foreign students.

Apart from education, Ukraine offers great entertainment opportunities. During the past years the country was visited by major world artists: Rammstein, Limp Bizkit, Anastasia, Christina Aguilera, Anathema, Metallica, to name a few. Our nightlife offers various options for an unforgettable time.

Foreign students coming to study in Ukraine, experience language difficulties right after arrival in the country. To help newcomers overcome such challenges, Ukrainian-Educational Agency LTD has a special “Personal City Guide”. Available 24/7/365 to provide information in many languages to the student on where and how to reach anything in the city, guidance, advice and assistance in all aspects of life.

At the same time the most effective tool in avoiding complications is mastering the Ukrainian or Russian language. This can be done at the preparation courses during the first year of staying in the country, as well as with the help of Ukrainian peers, who are usually very eager to help students from abroad to learn the language.

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