Central Ukrainian National Technical University

Central Ukrainian National Technical University (CUNTU) Kropivnitsky city is one of the leading higher educational institutions of central Ukraine.

The University plays a central role in the training of qualified specialists of central Ukrainian region. There are more than five thousand students studying in 40 specialties and specializations at six departments and two colleges of the university.

Fundamental, professional and humanitarian training of specialists is ensured by a high level of scientific and pedagogical potential of the University. Postgraduate studies, Doctoral studies, specialized Dissertation Supervisory Committees for candidate and doctoral theses function successfully. The university has all necessary infrastructure for studying and living: hostels, dining rooms, cafes, recreation facilities, etc.

The university has also created necessary conditions for sports, cultural development, recreation and leisure.

The university is actively integrating into the world educational system and developing international relations. Students, postgraduate students and lecturers take part in internships and study abroad, participate in international programs.

Constantly developing, the university is steadily moving to the future.


Central Ukrainian National Technical University has been developing from Yelisavetgrad High Real State School which was found in 1870. As a university, we began our history from Zinoviev Evening Institute of Agricultural Machinery which was established in 1929. There were several reorganizations: in 1956 it was a department of evening studies, in 1962 it was a branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute and in 1967 it was Kirovohrad Institute of Agricultural Machinery. Based on the latter, in 1998 Kirovohrad State Technical University (KSTU) was created which was accredited at the highest IV level. In 2004, the university got the status of a national university. According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1291 dated October 27, 2016, Kirovohrad National Technical University was renamed as Central Ukrainian National Technical University.

Today Central Ukrainian National Technical University is a powerful educational and scientific centre of Ukraine. Graduates of our university will establish the image of Ukraine in future.


Central Ukrainian National Technical University maintains relations with 46 foreign partners from seventeen countries of the world. During the time of the operation of the Department of International Affairs of CUNTU, more than 120 foreign organizations and almost 50 universities from different countries of the world were involved in the international cooperation.

The Central Ukrainian National Technical University offers students many interesting options for studying or going though internship programmes abroad. The university implements programmes of «double diplomas» in which the universities of Germany, Poland, Georgia and India are involved.

The university has courses for linguistic training for students and teachers of the educational institution. Students have the opportunity to master English, German, French or Polish languages. The English-speaking discussion club «Challenge» operates in SUNTU; it is common practice to conduct lectures for students in English, in particular with the participation of lecturers from abroad.

The University actively participates in exchange programmes for students, teachers and scholars in Europe – Erasmus+ and the exchange of students between universities in the European continent. University students are offered internships abroad in the framework of popular international youth training, practical programmes and internship programmes abroad.

Teachers of the university have the opportunity to improve their foreign language proficiency: take an active part in international conferences, seminars, round tables in such countries as: Germany, France, Moldova, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, etc., as well as foreign internships and use the acquired knowledge to teach subjects in a foreign language.

There are annual international scientific and technical conferences, international forums, presentations, exhibitions, symposiums at the university with dozens of foreign specialists.

The university takes an active part in the international scientific projects on the basis of agreements with other universities in Europe and China. As a result of the Tempus JEP-27264-2006 (UA) project, the Concept for Sustainable Development in the Formation of Specialists for Agriculture created a Resource Centre on Sustainable Development of Rural Areas of Ukraine.

On the basis of the Central Ukrainian National Technical University, for the first time in our region, a regional contact point for the EU Framework programme for research and innovation «Horizon 2020» was created in the thematic area «Small and Medium Enterprises» (SMEs).

EDUCATION (Departments & programs):

Central Ukrainian National Technical University trains Bachelors and Masters in the following specialties:

051 Economics

• Economics of Enterprise

• Economic Cybernetics

• Personnel Management and Labour Economics

056 International Economic Relations

• International Economic Relations

071 Accounting and Taxation

• Accounting, control and taxation in management

• Accounting and control in the public sector of economy

• Tax administration and tax management

• Audit, state financial control and expertise

072 Finances, Banking and Insurance

073 Management

• Organizational Management and Administration

• Management of Foreign Economic Activity

• Management of Financial and Economic Security

• Tourism Management

074 Public Management and Administration

• Administrative Management

075 Marketing

076 Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange Activities

• Organization of Commercial Activities in the Sphere of Services and Trade

• Economics and Organization of Business

101 Ecology

122 Computer Sciences and Information Technology

123 Computer Engineering

• Computer Systems and Networks

• Computer Engineering

125 Cyber Security

131 Applied Mechanics

• Computerized and Robotized Engineering Technologies

• Equipment and Technologies of Foundry Production

• Equipment and Technologies of Plastic Forming of Engineering Constructions

• Constructing and Design of Machines and Mechanisms

• Mechatronics, Equipment and 3D Printing Processes

• Hydraulic Machines and Hydraulic Pneumatics

132 Material Science

• Restoration of Machines and Equipment

133 Industrial Engineering

• Machines and Equipment for Agricultural Production

• Engineering Management of the Production and Marketing of Agricultural Machines

• Industrial Engineering Technologies

• Equipment for Processing and Food Industries

• Lifting, Transport, Road, Construction, Reclamation Machines and Equipment

• Metal-cutting Machines and Systems

141 Electricity, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics

• Electro-technical Systems of Power Consumption

• Energy Management

• Power Engineering and Automation of Agrarian Complex

151 Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies

• Computer Control and Automation Systems

• Computer-integrated and Robotic Systems

172 Telecommunications and radio engineering

192 Construction and Civil Engineering

201 Agronomy

208 Agro-engineering

• Technical service

• Agro-engineering

274 Automobile Transport

275 Transport technologies

Bachelor’s Degree in higher education of the corresponding specialty is granted to a student after obtaining theoretical knowledge, practical skills and expertise sufficient for successful fulfilment of professional duties in the chosen specialty.

Master’s Degree in higher education is awarded to Bachelors and Specialists after 1.5-2 years of in-depth theoretical, scientific and practical training sufficient for the effective performance of innovative tasks of the corresponding level of professional activity.

Doctoral studies of the University provide training in the following specialties: 057 «Economics»; 133 «Industrial Engineering»; 151 «Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies».

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