Ukrainian-Educational Agency LTD

Ukrainian-Educational Agency LTD is a registered corporate in Kropivnitsky (Kirovograd), Ukraine. licensed and authorized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science to recruit international candidates to study in Ukraine.

Ukrainian-Educational Agency LTD is specialized in providing comprehensive assistance to ambitious foreign students who aspire to study at the Ukrainian Higher Educational Institutions. works in close personal cooperation with students and helps them during the admission process, obtaining the visa, with the arrival and during their whole study period at the lowest prices and best quality in Ukraine!

Ukrainian-Educational Agency is a client – focused and result driven education agency that provides broad- based services at an affordable and flat fee for all our clients/students. We offer a standard and professional education support services to all to our individual and corporate international clients.

We ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely. We cultivate a working environment that provides a human, sustainable approach to the candidates and to our partners.

Our Services:

Ukrainian-Educational Agency (UEA) provides a comprehensive assistance package to our Students:


Ukrainian-Educational Agency offers a free student counselling service. The topics covered in your consultation may include:

Your current education and experience | Timelines, budgets and career goals | What level you wish to study (pre study/Bachelor/Master) | Information and advice on appropriate courses | Explanation of the entire University application process | Advise on which documents you need to provide or translate | Submission of the application and granting the admission | A full break down of what is required in the student visa process | Providing the original Invitation and Embassy VISA support letters from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. UEA Study Advisor’s offers a virtual service; our counselling can be held via Skype or the phone.


Support and informing the Airport Authorities with the arrival date | Airport pick up and comfort transfer to the University | Free local SIM card to call parents and reassure them on his safe arrival | Accommodation settlement in the hostel or in a pre-booked apartment | Bank Account opening | Tuition fee payments to the University | Smoothly running the University registration process i.e. Medical checkup, Health Insurance, Residency Permit, Address registration | Obtaining the Student ID card, hostel card and the International student card.


Explanation of the education system and process | Dedicated personal city guide and information advise in all aspects of life | Constant monitoring and assistance in the student academic process | Winter and Summer Excursions and activities |Translations and Language courses | Providing additional educational materials | Professional scientific seminars | Graduation certificates Ministries attestations | Post graduation Internships in Ukraine, Europe and the Middle East | PhD. Opportunities guidance.

Let Ukrainian-Educational Agency provide a personal advice that is tailored to meet your needs!

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